You can visit our survey types page to read more about the surveys we administer.

It's all about patient satisfaction!
Patient surveys allow you to collect data and information that help you assess strengths, find areas of improvement, pinpoint potential problems, and help increase quality of care you provide for your patients.

You have enough on your plate!
We're here to help you! We design the surveys, distribute them or supply them to you, and track the number of responses. Once the patient returns the survey, we take care of data entry, analysis, and getting the reports back to you.

Comparative Information, Easy To Use Reports, and Feedback!
Accumulated from surveys from "like" facilities, we provide network data that enables you to see how patient satisfaction levels in your facility compare to other facilities that are similar. This information can be used to increase quality within to stay competitive, but more importantly, provide better care.

As we continuously collect data, it is compiled and reports are then generated at the end of each quarter. We also compile an annual report at the end of each calendar year. These reports are available in a variety of formats. If issues that might require immediate attention come up, our staff will let you know right away!

Affordable Prices
We are committed to helping maintain high-quality healthcare in rural areas. As part of that commitment, our surveys evaluate many types of patients throughout the year, so you can can an accurate picture of patient experiences in your facilty year round. And these surveys are provided to you at a price you can afford. These service costs will vary based on your needs, so please contact us toll-free at 888-917-3772, or at 402-826-3737. You can also email one of our staff members, or fill out a form here.